Finnish Veterinary Congress

The Finnish Veterinary Association organizes Finnish Veterinary Congress each autumn.
The 2024 Congress runs from Nov 13 to 15. The event takes place in the Helsinki Fair Centre. The lectures will be recorded for the participants to watch later as well.

Program in English

The three-day program includes lectures in the general, business and working life, meat hygiene, food hygiene and environmental health, production animals, small animals, horses and research sessions.

The complete program of the Congress is listed under "Ohjelma", but the lectures that will be held in English will be listed here as soon as the 2024 program is published.


In addition to the lectures, there will be an Exhibition representing fields of medicine, health care, instruments and pharmacology. The Congress Exhibition is the largest for products related to veterinary medicine in Finland.

Further information (in Finnish) - available later >>

If you represent a company and would like to join the Exhibition as an Exhibitor, please contact Ms Tiina Karenius at tiina.karenius[at]

Further information (mostly in Finnish, partly in English) - available later >>

Registration and fees

Registration to the Finnish Veterinary Congress 2024 (in English) - available later >>

Members of the Nordic and Estonian veterinary associations are granted the same fees as members of the Finnish veterinary association, listed under "SELL-jäsen" in the price grid. Anyone else falls into the category "Ei-jäsen".

Fees of the Finnish Veterinary Congress 2024 (in Finnish) - available later >>

In order to find the correct fee for yourself, please
* click the tab showing the date when you register to the Congress
* see the column "SELL-jäsen" or "Ei-jäsen" as explained above
* check when and how you wish to attend, the first block being the onsite lectures and recordings for the three days, the second block being the onsite lectures and recordings for one of the days and the third block being the recordings only for one of the days (please note there is no live streaming and the recordings will only be available after the Congress)
* pay attention to your occupation, "Eläinlääkärit ja eläinlääkäriasemien henkilöstö" being vets and their employees, "Eläinlääkäriopiskelijat (praktiikkaoikeudet)" being vet students with the licence to work as a vet and "Eläinlääkäriopiskelijat ja eläkeläiset (ei praktiikkaoikeuksia)" being vet students and retired vets with no licence to work as a vet


If you need any further information or help with the registration, please contact Fennovet Ltd at elp[at]

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