Finnish Veterinary Congress

The Finnish Veterinary Association organizes Finnish Veterinary Congress each autumn.
The 2023 Congress runs from the 22nd to 24th of November. The event takes place in the Helsinki Fair Centre.
The lectures will be recorded for the participants to watch later as well.

Program in English

The three-day program includes lectures in the general, business and working life, meat hygiene, food hygiene and environmental health, production animals, small animals, horses and research sessions.

Please note most of the lectures are being held in Finnish, but there will be some in English.


In addition to the lectures, there will be an exhibition representing fields of medicine, health care, instruments and pharmacology. The Congress exhibition is the largest for products related to veterinary medicine in Finland.

Please note most of the information is in Finnish; the Terms & Conditions and the Exhibition Map are also available in English. If you need assistance and other information, please contact Ms Tiina Karenius at tiina.karenius [at]


Members of Nordic and Estonian veterinary associations are granted the same fees as members of the Finnish association.

Registrations to the Finnish Veterinary Congress 2023 has not started yet.


Please contact Fennovet Ltd at elp [@]

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